Composite Fillings

At El Cerro Dental, we use composite fillings as a treatment method for tooth decay. If you live in Danville, CA or surrounding area and are looking for a natural-looking restoration, we encourage you to call (925) 837-8564 and schedule an appointment. Our team has the necessary experience with placing these tooth-colored fillings and can work to ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. This is one of our most frequently used procedures, since a filling is typically placed after removing tooth decay (common cavities). If you have amalgam fillings now, we can even replace them with composite ones. To learn more, call and schedule a dental examination.

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The Benefits of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

We can place a composite resin filling fairly quickly. This is an affordable and durable restoration that will look similar to a regular tooth. We make sure to complete the procedure in a way that is comfortable, effective, and fast. In some situations, depending on the patient and the position of where the filling will go, we can complete a filling every 30 minutes. If you live in the Danville area, we encourage you to consider the many benefits of getting tooth-colored fillings instead of amalgam ones.

Silver vs. Tooth-Colored Filling: What You Should Know

Tooth-colored fillings are safer for your health since they consist of resin or a plastic material. Silver fillings are typically not silver, but a metal alloy that includes several materials with mercury among them. There have been numerous health warnings regarding the overexposure to mercury, which is why pregnant women are warned to stay away from tuna. While many people believe amalgam fillings are perfectly safe, the data can be contradictory from study to study. If you want to avoid the risks that come with mercury exposure, select tooth-colored fillings, or replace your existing silver fillings. Visit our Danville, CA dental office for more information.

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